Ukraine … again – Part 5

I also found a very very old coffee shop where they had a museum below street level. To be honest I didn’t understand much but it was nice to walk around with my miners hat and head torch. I love the smell of roast coffee. They had allsorts for sale at the end, but this took my fancy. I didn’t buy it though.


Went to the City Hall building and you can go up the tower, so off I went up what felt like a million steps and got quite a nice view at the top.



Then back down and found these cars parked up. I think they’re cool!



There is a tram system that runs most of the city. A lot of the roads are cobble stones. When I rode through this town at about midnight in pouring down rain last year it was awful trying to keep upright on teh bike. The tram tracks and slippy stones were a nightmare. In the nice autumn sun however it was lovely.