Ukraine … again – Part 4

So, Tuesday morning came around and off I trundled to the bus station, bought my ticket and waited for the next bus.

Can I read the ticket? Can I bollocks!


The bus was not quite the National Express size, but not far off it. It had german writing on it and was obviously from a German company at some point. It was pretty nice actually and about 3/4 full. The roads were empty but since they’re pretty bad it took about 1.5 hours to do less than 60 miles. Then another 20 mins into the centre of L’viv as there was some traffic.

You get dropped off at the bus/train and tram station. I found a tram into the centre, bought my 2 hyrvnia ticket and took the 5 min journey in. Check out the lean on this guy, he leans more on corners than I do on the bike!


L’viv is very nice, almost up to normal European standards. I did the normal walking around, taking photos of allsorts. A nice fountain at what appeared to be the main square.


Lots of souvenir places as it;s quite touristy. The “Keep Calm and ….” has caught on here too,


and as you can see, they hate Putin. The bottom shirt, if you can’t make it out is him as Hitler. They even have doormats with his face on. He’s not much liked. That reminds me, on the news one day (In Ukrainian) they has the “Top 10” of politicians being dumped in rubbish bins and it was all Putin’s cronies in the past week, it was hilarious.


Some lovely building and fountains etc.



I so want a Lada 4×4, these are common!