SparkBright Voltmeter LED

After my Ukraine issue with a flat battery and reading about rectifier and stator issues on the F800GS, I thought it would be worth it to fit a voltmeter. The standard 3 digit LCD ones look nice and do the job, but I don’t really have anywhere to mount one. I happened to come across SparkBright and it looked just like what I was after. It’s an LED which displays different colours and flashing routines based on battery voltage.

SparkBright do a few different models and I ended up going for the Eclipse model as it’s auto dimming so at night won’t distract me. I bought the 10mm one, but in hindsight I may have changed to the 8mm one as it’s a bit tight where I chose to mount it. The LED has 2 wires coming from it, a positive and a ground, that’s all there is to it.


The LED status conditions are:

>15.20 Green/ Red alternating (over-voltage)
>13.20 Green (charging/charged)
>12.45 Amber (75%+)
>12.25 Red slow flashing (50%+)
>12.00 Red 2 fashes, repeating (25%+)
>11.80 Red 3 flashes, repeating (low charge)
<11.80 Red 4 flashes, repeating (very low) I saw a nice mounting solution on another forum and the chap kindly sent me over the template to make one myself. It fits nicely, however my workmanship could be a little better as there are a few burrs and marks, but it's functional, tidy and performs as intended. It's wired into the BMW's CANBus so it turns off after 45 seconds when the ignition is off. Below is a short video of it in action. (Sorry for the poor resolution) SparkBright can be contacted at and I recommend them. Andrew is a gent to deal with and answered all my questions promptly.

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