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I bought a Peaklife Satnav a couple of years ago. The main reasons were that it was waterproof, came with all the mounts and was powered by a cradle, it was also very cheap compared to the main players who appear to only be TomTom and Garmin. I did originally try a motorbike waterproof case for my car satnav but it wasn’t any good, the glare was bad, the plastic screen keps touching the touchscreen and selecting things as I was riding, and it was a pain zipping and unzipping it everytime I stopped and walked away from the bike.

At the time all the way from China it came in at about £65 and no import duties were charged. There are many places that sell it now, but at the time mine was bought from AliExpress.

That link has some really good pictures which show exactly what you get:
– Car Cradle with screen suction mount
– Motorbike cradle with power connection
– Cable to wire in direct to battery
– Motorbike cradle handlebar mount
– 2 x batteries
– USB Cable

It comes with 2GB of internal memory and in the runs Windows CE5.0 which means it’s can be set to run a variety of applications. Mine came with IGO 8 with UK maps which is pretty good.  It has a MicroSD slot and mine has an 8GB card in with no issues.

In the end though we ended up putting up TomTom on it with Europe mapping. I find TomTom more intuitive anyhow as I’ve used it for many years. I’ve also put Memory Map on it but hardly ever use that.

The unit has Bluetooth, but it’s not very good. It also only supports headset profiles, meaning you can pair it with your helmet speakers but not your phone. Since I like listening to music when I ride, and having a phone connected is handy, I don’t use the Bluetooth on the GPS at all. But it works for directions if you need it although I just glance at mine and it’s sufficient.

The GPS has an ebook reader app and a Media player app for music, so in an evening if you’re stuck in a tent, you could use it for some music I guess. Phones have come a long way though and do most of these tasks better.

The screen display is good. It works well with gloves. The cradle has a sunshade above it which is handy as in direct light it is a bit difficult to read but not the end of the world.

Mine has been faultless for the period I’ve had it, 8,000 miles across Europe and about 4,000 across Iceland with lots of vibrating offroad sections.

Would I recommend it, yes I would, especially if you’re on a budget.  Although I recently had some spare funds so splurged out on a bike specific one … review soon.

Here are some screenshots of the various menus and of the TomTom application on it.

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