PDM60 Power Module

On my F800 it was quite easy to attach gadgets and have them power up or down with the ignition, this was due to the CANBUS connectors on the bike.  I did still have to wire in a relay for something (I can’t remember what now) and it all became a little too busy with wires, fuses and single points of failure.  On my G650X I decided to spend some decent money and buy the Rowe Electronics PDM60.


The PDM60 isn’t cheap at £120, available from Nippy Normans here –, but it’s so clever.  Basically it solid state (No moving parts like relays to break), it’s 100% waterproof and it’s programmable as well using a USB cable.  It has 6 outputs and each one can be set to output a certain ampage and to turn on x amounts of seconds after the ignition is started, and turn off x amount of seconds after the ignition is turned off.  It’s also very small, about the size of a matchbox.

On my bike I have mounted it on top of the airbox and beneath the faux tank cover.  It has 12v straight from the battery and it’s earthed at a nearby bolt.  I’m only using 2 of the outputs at the moment.  1 for my Garmin Zumo 660 and one for my Sparkbright LED voltage monitor.  Both outputs become live after 30 seconds and then shutdown 30 seconds after the ignition is shut off.

It’s a nifty bit of kit and I’m really pleased with it so far.  Yes it’s expensive, but I won’t have to worry about it getting wet or deal with a lot of cables like I used to.


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