Isotta screen

The standard F800GS screen and I just didn’t get on with each other.  I also had a Metal Mule one which also wasn’t perfect.  The problem I had was the buffeting right at visor level and the huge amount of wind noise, it was ridiculous.  The Schubert C2 helmet is known for being quiet too and that’s one of the reasons I bought it. After trying a couple of different screens (and sending them back) I read about the Wunderlich one.  It was pretty expensive but I then found out that it’s just a rebadged Isotta one.  So one was bought. Fitting is easy and it’s fullt adjustable up/down with clamps.  It’s solved the buffeting completely and it’s a stark contrast to the other screens.  I can listen to my music on the headset at the lowest volume and it’s fine. Due to its size, if does move around a little at high speed or offroad, but after endless days offroad it has held together perfectly fine.  I did drop it down a bit when doing more technical stuff and that stops a lot of the movement. A great buy I think and I’m really happy with it.  Doing long distances at motorway speeds makes it a great screen. P1130777

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