Hotrod Welding Bits!

The stock fuel tank on the G650X is tiny and even riding gently I was struggling to get much more than 120 miles before having to refill.  This isn’t the end of the world as that’s about 2 or perhaps 3 hours in the saddle and at that point it’s time for a rest anyhow.  It is slightly annoying though as when pushing on at 80mph on the motorway then I’d only get about 110 miles meaning fill ups were quite frequent when travelling some distance.

There are a couple of methods to solve this issue.  From simply carrying fuel canisters to an additional tank made by a couple of companies.  I ended up choosing the XTank from Erik at Hotrod Welding in the Netherlands.  His stuff comes highly recommended and although it’s not cheap, it turned out to be fantastic quality.

Paid for on a Tuesday night and it was here by the Friday!  Couldn’t ask for better service than that.  I opted for the largest tank I could fit and this was the standard tank with a 35mm additional wider section welded in.  You can go up to 40mm but I opted for his pannier racks as well and they only allow the 35mm additional width.

As I just mentioned, I wanted some pannier racks as well.  The only other option I found were the Hepco and Becker.  I decided to stick with Erik’s racks as they’d been tested and once again recommended by a few people.  That’s not to say the Hepco and Becker were not good, but I like supporting the smaller companies as well and since Erik would be supplying both bits then I knew it’d fit fine.  Erik at Hotrod Welding can be found here –

It did in fact fit perfectly.  Erik gave me a couple of tips to fit it and I had to remove the spacers from the exhaust mount, but apart from that it’s great.  Total time to fit would have been about 3 hours but could be done in less if you weren’t a numpty like me and strip a couple of threads and had to repair them.  Really chuffed and although I’ve only done about 60 miles so far I am really pleased.  The bits are a work of art and how the xtank feeds the main tank via the breather hose is really clever.  Well over 200 mile range now I expect, but I’ll update when I have an accurate result.  (Updated 9 Sep after 2 full tanks – 246 miles and 249 miles before the reserve light came one, so add 30 miles to those figures!)

Here it is all fitted.  Now, just for my panniers to arrive later this year and when finances allow …

2014-07-19 20.20.24 2014-07-19 20.20.42


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