Iceland – Days 1 – 5

Off we go to Iceland. I met a nice chap called Paul on one of the motorbike forums and we both wanted to go to Iceland, so for a bit of morale support and company we had booked the same dates.

The first couple of days were to be spent simply making my way to the ferry which was departing from Hirtshals in Denmark on Tuesday morning. So leaving home at about 6am on Sunday morning, across the channel and onto Hamburg for the first night’s accommodation and meeting with Paul and some dinner at a bizarre restaurant. Food = Great, Other Patrons = Odd!
Monday was then spent on a steady and uneventful ride up to the very pretty town of Aalborg in Denmark. We saw a fair few bikes on the road and apparently there had been some Harley Davidson meeting on the past weekend. I’ll wave at any rider, but Harley riders seem to think they’re high and mighty and blank me. So a little game I devised to pass the time was that when I saw one of them riding, I would perform the most OTT wave ever. Standing up, both hands off the handlebars etc, this way they couldn’t pretend they hadn’t seen me. I got a few more waves in return but I still think they act like dicks. Anyhow we had some dinner again that evening and an early night as we had to be up early and to the ferry.

Tuesday morning we boarded the ferry after topping up with fuel. Strapped the bikes down and spent 2 and a half days bored out of my mind! Met a few nice chaps on the the ferry. We were the only UK registered vehicles on the ferry and the only ones we would see on the entire trip. Plenty of Italian and German registered bikes and even a Polish one belonging to a guy with the most awesome pony tail ever.  I had one of my only two “incidents” the entire trip while on the ferry.  You have to strap your bike down and it’s the first time I’d done it before.  So following everyone else’s lead, I put my bike up on the centre stand rather than the side stand.  This was great, however I forgot that when you put the bike on the centre stand it moves about a foot further backwards.  Oh well, I didn’t need the numberplate anyhow as I snapped it in half as my bike hit the wall behind it, leaving it only attached by the thin protective film – Doh!

Then a few boring days spent on the ferry sleep, eat, repeat.

At least you see nice sunsets.