Iceland – Day 9

Seljalandsfoss was another waterfall we saw the following morning. It’s great as you can actually walk behind the waterfall. Sure, you get a little damp but it’s cool.


A bit touristy though with half of Japan appearing to be there. Then onto the small seaside town of Vik and a walk down a stone pier trying to find some Puffins but they were no where to be found. A stunning black sand beach though, perhaps a little cold to go for a dip in however.



Then off to the glacier lake and looked at the gorgeous mini icebergs, or ice boulders or whatever you want to call them. The water was crystal clear and blue. I had to of course fill up my camelbak with a bit of thousand year old ice which kept me refreshed for the rest of the day and then off to for the night in the town of Hofn.



There is only one camp site at Hofn and if Ryanair did camp sites then this would be one of theirs. Everything was an optional extra which you had to pay for. Showers (Kind of normal) were 500kr for 2 mins, you were not allowed to plug your phone into an outlet unless you paid, Internet was pay per use (The only place in Iceland!). A nice place though even if the owner was a knob. We met up with some German bikers there, one of who is the spitting image of Al Bundy from the TV series “Married with Children” and also of one of my ex work colleagues.

We sat and spoke to spoke to them at dinner and they had some epic stories of trips they had done. I fancy doing some of those trips, especially ont they did where they shipped the bikes (2 x 18 year old BMW 100GS’s) to Ulanbatar in Mongolia and then rode back. Epic!  Off to sleep.