Iceland – Day 8

That Sunday we woke up and next to the camp site was a Visitor Centre which opened at 9am. We were through the door at 9h05 hoping for a coffee, however unfortunately the cafe didn’t open until later but the nice man let us in and made us coffee and fed us cake. Life was good! The visitor centre was really interesting and gave us some ideas for the day too. It seems almost all the camp sites and tourist places close on 1st Sep so we were the last stragglers of the tourist season which made it quite nice as places were pretty quiet.
Iceland is full of waterfalls. We found 2 more on our 2nd offroad day, Hjalparfoss and the 2nd highest falls in Iceland, Heijfoss.  Can you spot me doing a YMCA impression?



The offroad riding again was amazing, 2 or 3 water crossings which were easy enough on the bikes and just lots of lava fields.

It was like the moon!

Some beautiful blue water too.



Don’t mind me, I just have to mow the roof of my house!



We almost had the campsite to ourselves that evening.

I was loving the gravel roads and getting the bike sideways occasionally (Not always intentional) Towards the end of the route and day I met up with a chap the ferry who was cruising in his old Land Cruiser through the highlands and off walking. I don’t’ really see the fascination with walking, I get bored too easy I guess, oh and being lazy doesn’t help.