Iceland – Day 7

Saturday was one of the days I was really looking forward to. A day of offroad riding down the F35.

It was brilliant, the scenery through the highlands was awesome. We passed a cyclist who then stopped at the same little cafe that we did. A Dutch chap cycling around Iceland for a few weeks. A nutter! He told us about some guys getting stuck in sand and having to push the bicycles for up to 12km! I decided I wasn’t going near any sand after that. I was getting quite used to riding on the corrugated gravel roads and figured out that all your weight on the back and up to about 45mph or more and it wasn’t too bad at all. Also getting used to the bike squirming around beneath you takes a while.


Shameless shot!



We also went to Geysir and saw one of them, it was amazing with this going off about every 6 minutes!


We did about 100 miles off-road throughout the day and found another great camp site.