Iceland – Day 6

Woke up on Friday morning to rain. There’s nothing like packing up your camping kit in the cold and rain. Combined with not a particularly good nights sleep and I wasn’t feeling very excited. However after a bit of breakfast and coffee things were drying up and my mood was uplifted even more when I found out about Bjork!

The road around the lake was great. There doesn’t seem to ever be any traffic anywhere and the little that there is seems to be split between rental Yaris’s or monster 4×4’s. After stopping at pretty waterfalls (We’d see a lot of these) We passed through Akureyri and stopped for lunch another great litle pretty town.

Then onto Varmahlid where we found another nice campsite which was recommended to us by the local tourist information centre. We met some Canadians there, one of who snored as much as Paul! So I had snoring in stereo, needless to say that my earplugs were firmly in, not that they helped mind you.

My panniers leak during the rain, maybe I should call them “Buckets” instead!