Iceland – Day 12 – 15

Breakfast on Thursday morning and then off to the ferry. A shedload of motorbikes getting onto the ferry, some with battle damage and some with very bald rear tyres, I am glad I wasn’t on some of those coming back. Then onto the ferry and into my awesome (not) accommodation and then spent the evenings listening to the very good singer/musician, although he gets worse as the evening goes on.


We had all day on the ferry Friday and then dock about midday on Saturday. Then it’s the long slog home through Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and France which I am not looking forward. I had so much rest and relaxation on the ferry though as we docked at 1pm and I did the 970 mile slog home in one go, arriving home at 4am on Sunday morning. ┬áPaul very kindly offered me a space in his hotel on the way back down, and also at his house in Kent if need be, however I have to be in Manchester for work on Monday so want to get home before nightfall on Sunday so I just rode the miles out.

This was our GPS tracked route for the Iceland tour, the different colours representing the different days.



Finally, I’ve just found some of my video clips and mashed them up. Iceland is just like the moon.