Iceland – Day 11

So we packed up and I cooked some breakfast (We were getting quite good at this) and headed up the local garage/cafe for fuel and coffee. There we met some Icelandic Harley riders who were touring around. They told us about a road called F917 so we decided to do that loop. What a choice! Dirt, gravel, sand and epic mountain climbs up to the north coast and fantastic views.



We couldn’t’ have chosen a better road if we had tried. Probably the prettiest little seaside town was Vopnafjordur where we stopped for lunch. Another hamburger for me (So much for eating healthy!) and then back through the F85 to the ring road and then back to Egilsstadir where Paul treated me to a hotel room as we didn’t want to be packing up wet tents and camping stuff early in the morning before heading off to catch the ferry.