Iceland – Day 10

I hardly slept that night and was up at 4am and bored. So I cooked some breakfast and waited for Paul to emerge from his tent. He makes me laugh as until he’s had coffee in the morning I have never met anyone more dead to the world, secretly I was quite thankful as I quite like my coffee too. I was also getting a little bored of the ring road. Sure the scenery was beautiful, but I wanted dirt or at least some decent twisties. I knew it was going to be a ‘blergh’ day when I dropped the bike as I pulled out of the campsite. I needed fuel and the petrol station was literally across the road so I hadn’t bothered to put my gloves on and just rested them on the handlebars, they had fallen down into the front and stopped the handlebars from turning right. Oops. I just toppled over doing about 1mph, check that nobody saw me (Only Paul I think), no damage done.

Anyhow I found the first bit boring, but after a while we took the F939 which was another epic offroad course.




Then up to Egilsstadir where we relaxed for a bit, had a drink and met a nice Forestry man who gave us some tips on a nice campsite. We took his advice and did it via the F910, now that is a road! Completely bleak landscape with hardly any other vehicles and fantastic! We went to see the Halslon dam (I think that’s the name) which I thought was pretty impressive and then headed back to the campsite.

The ride back was slow and steady as we’d both underestimated our fuel range. We both had spare fuel on our bikes but it seemed to be a faff to stop and put it in. Anyhow we got to the campsite which was the best we had found (sans showers unfortunately) and had a great night. I had pitched my tent about 10 yards from a beautiful lake which according to legend has a huge worm like creature living in it. Thankfully the worm didn’t come out and gobble me up in the night!The next morning was quite funny because the tent that was pitched close to Paul the previous evening was now about 100 feet away, they must have moved in the night. Paul is quite the epic snorer.