Day 4 – L’viv to Kiev

Day 4

I woke up at 6am after barely 3 hours sleep.  I was nervous about the bike and just couldn’t get back to sleep.  I walked downstairs, gingerly put the key in the ignition and the bike worked fine.  It took me 2 mins to turn it back off again mind you.  At least the weather was now absolutely glorious, not a cloud to be seen.

I tried again to sleep but couldn’t, so I packed up the bike and set the satnav for Kiev a few hours away.  It was now Saturday and there was no traffic again.  I was pulled over for speeding again (64kph in a 50 zone) and blatently asked for a bribe of 700 hyrvna (About 60 quid)  I figured that since I had nothing to lose, I slapped down 200 on the table, told him to take it or leave it.  5 mins later I was on my way, with a handshake too.  What a tosser the policemen there are.  I hope they crash their Lada’s into a tree and burn.  Bastards.

I arrived in Kiev and found a McD’s on the outskirts.  Booked the “Hotel Ukraine” there via the free wifi and then and headed to the hotel, parked the bike up, got a room facing Independence Square and was happy.  Knackered but happy.