Day 4 Cont – Kiev

Day 4 Cont

So I had found my fantastic hotel, parked up and it was about 1pm now.  I was shattered still but had an afternoon in Kiev so off I went.

My hotel was awesome and had a great view, the weather was glorious and I was happy.  The bike was still acting up but I knew I could turn it off after a few goes so I wasn’t too worried.  it could wait till I got home.  Worst case scenario I could always just disconnect the battery when stopped.

P1130376 P1130370 P1130387

The place was packed with people and festivities with it being a bank holiday Saturday.  I walked around for hours, had Ice Cream and was having a good time and took plenty of pics.

P1130407 P1130406 P1130402 P1130440 P1130428

I called it a day at about 9pm, 3 hours sleep was catching up with me and tomorrow I had plans to make it further east so needed an early start.