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Ukraine … again – The End

Posted by • October 6, 2014 • Blog ,Truskavets ,Ukraine Add Comment

Well, the final entry now and it’s a bit boring. I had booked the Monday off work at the last minute due to Touratech Kassel getting my tank bag in, also the thought of

Ukraine … again – Part 8

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As I said, the rest of the time there, until Friday afternoon anyhow, was just sightseeing. I did have a smile at these pigeons, they’re normally flocking everywhere as people feed them breadcrumbs, however one

Ukraine … again – Part 7

Posted by • October 4, 2014 • Blog ,Truskavets ,Ukraine Add Comment

Wednesday, Thursday and half of Friday were spent locally in Truskavets. Although the town isn’t very big there was enough of it for me to explore. Onto this fancy water then. “Naftusia” as it is

Ukraine … again – Part 6

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Final update for today was just people watching. Old men playing chess, old women just relaxing and a naughty little boy nicking the coins from the fountain! A bus home (Almost got on the wrong

Ukraine … again – Part 5

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I also found a very very old coffee shop where they had a museum below street level. To be honest I didn’t understand much but it was nice to walk around with my miners

Ukraine … again – Part 4

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So, Tuesday morning came around and off I trundled to the bus station, bought my ticket and waited for the next bus.Can I read the ticket? Can I bollocks! The bus was not quite the

Ukraine … again – Part 3

Posted by • September 30, 2014 • Blog ,Truskavets ,Ukraine Add Comment

Monday was a quiet day, just walking around really to get my bearings and relax. One thing I wanted to do was to visit the nearby (95km) city of Lviv (Pronounced L’viv in Ukrainian

Ukraine … again – Part 2

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I arrived in Truskavets via probably the equivalent of A and B roads. Some completely dirt roads, some gravel, and some pot holed. You always pass nice churches in the most run down of villages. 2

Ukraine … again – Part 1

Posted by • September 26, 2014 • Blog ,Truskavets ,Ukraine Add Comment

Last year I went to the far side of Ukraine, Mariupol and Donetsk, where they’re currently blowing each other up with (apparently, yeah right) no intervention from Russia. Anyhow, enough politics, for now.I’d heard