New Hyperpro Suspension

The standard suspension on the X Country isn’t the best.  I may not be a pro, but no matter what adjustments I did to the damping on the rear I could not stop the bike from bouncing all over.  Perhaps it’s my weight since I’m around 10 stone or perhaps it’s just rubbish suspension.  The front forks are non adjustable too which doesn’t help.

The options were to buy an off the shelf shock or spring for the rear and perhaps some progressive springs and new oil for the forks.  I also wanted the bike raising slightly since it’s the lower X Country from 2009.  In the end, and after weeks, probably months of researching options I decided to go to Hyperpro in the Netherlands and get them to give it a full makeover.

2015-02-12 16.21.45 2015-02-12 17.38.38

I did it in 2 days, on day 1 I rode over and stayed near Antwerp, and on the second morning I did the 1 hour up to HyperPro.  There I met Bas and David who worked their magic.  I had a lot of options and figured I’d go for all the options.

Ended up with a fully adjustable, remote reservoir rear damper, customised for me with remote preload too.  On the front I had the existing fork legs machined and new Marzocchi  internals fitted along with HyperPro progressive springs so they’re now fully adjustable.

While I was there I had new steering head bearings fitted as well since the bike was in bits.  Also opted for HotRod Welding’s lowering pegs and protection parts and then finally a brand new 21 inch Excel wheel, F800GS Fender and mounting brackets.

2015-02-12 17.39.52

It wasn’t a cheap day, but it will be worth it when I get to take the bike offroad in a few months!

I have only praise for Bas and David.  Really nice guys and couldn’t be more helpful.  Also a workshop full of tasty bikes!